11-12 stage
11-12 stage

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Calista and Nicole - Bronze Medal
Calista and Nicole - Bronze Medal

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Launching in the air
Launching in the air


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11-12 stage
11-12 stage

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Latest News

La MIrada Aquabelles Mermaid Program

June 04, 2019

Monthly sessions: Tuesday/Thursday @ 5pm-6:30 pm 

Starts June 4th, 2019!

To Register Please Contact


Come join the program that is more than just fun at a pool!

Swimming, Synchronized Swimming, Stretching, Tumbling and much more!

Are you interested in something more than just swimming?! This is IT!!

La Mirada Aquabelles 2019 Summer Camp

August 06, 2019


JOIN this Synchro Training Camp in Sunny California this Summer with;

* the World Champion and current Russian National Team Member, Marina Gold

* the current USA Mixed Duet member & 2015 Mixed Duet World Champion, Bill May

* the current USA National Team Member and 2016 Olympian and the current Sr. USA National Team Member Anita Alvarez AND

Nationally renowned La Mirada Aquabelles Heach Coach Hiea-Yoon Kang and Assistant Coach Olga Molotilova

U.S. Nationals 2018 - LMA wins!!

April 15, 2018

Congratulations to all our LMA winners at U.S. Nationals 2018 at Lewisville, Texas!

LMA gets 3rd in the nation for the Junior High Point Team Award. This is computed after tallying all the scores from our Junior Team. 

Junior Combo Final: Silver Medal - Sarine Cho, Nicole Chung, Megumi Field, Jade Low, Aivan Nguyen, Elizaveta Polyakova, Stefaniya Popova, Noelle Song, Christina Wu, Abigail Kartzinel

Junior Duet Final: Bronze Medal - Christina Wu, Aivan Nguyen, Noelle Song

Solo Final: 4th place - Noelle Song

13-15 Team Final:  Bronze Medal - Sarine Cho, Nicole Chung, Megumi Field, Abigail Kartzinel, Calista Liu

13-15 Duet Final: Gold Medal - Abigail Kartzinel and Megumi Field

13-15 Figures: Silver Medal - Megumi Field

                          6th place - Abigail Kartzinel

LMA was in the zone at West Zones 2018!

March 04, 2018

West Zones Championships were held in Walnut Creek, CA this past weekend. All our athletes that competed qualified to move on to U.S. Nationals, in Texas, in April. LMA 13-15 athletes also won the Best/Highest Figure Scores Award! This is the 3rd consecutive year we have won this award at West Zones.

Junior Duet: 

Bronze Medal - Aivan Nguyen, Christina Wu (Noelle Song)

Junior Solo:

Bronze Medal - Noelle Song

Junior Combo:

2nd place - Jade Low, Elizaveta Polyakova, Christina Wu, Aivan Nguyen, Noelle Song, Sarine Cho, Stefaniya Popova, Nicole Chung

13-15 Team:

Bronze Medal - Sarine Cho, Nicole Chung, Calista Liu, Megumi Field

13-15 Duet:

Bronze Medal - Megumi Field, Sarine Cho

13-15 Figures:

Silver Medal - Megumi Field

8th Place - Sarine Cho

14th Place - Nicole Chung

49th - Calista Liu

Cerritos City Council Honors Aquabelles Swimmers

December 21, 2017

The City of Cerritos recently honored 3 of our Aquabelle swimmers. Megumi Field, Aivan Nguyen and Calista Liu were given plaques for recognition for their 2017 season achievements. Aivan Nguyen won the Silver Medal at the Swiss Open for Team USA held in Switzerland. Megumi Field won the Gold Medal for Team USA, in Chile, for the UANA Pan American Championships in both Duet, Solo and Figures. She also won the Silver Medal in Team Category. Calista Liu won the Gold Medal for Team and Bronze Medal for Duet at Junior Olympics held in Riverside, CA. Congratulations to our swimmers!!!

Awards for 2018 Figure Meet

January 07, 2018

Our athletes did amazing at the recently held 2018 Figure Meet:

13-15 Age Group:

Megumi Field (1st place)

Veronika Orlovska (2nd place)

Sarine Cho (3rd place)

Nicole Chung (4th place)

Calista Liu (8th place)

11-12 Age Group:

Valeria Polyakova (1st place)

Clarise Loi (2nd place)

Xinyen Liu (4th place)

11-12 Intermediate:

Erin McMillin (10th place)

Lorenzo, Valerie (14th place)

Intermediate 10 and Under:

Kanako Field (1st place)

Josephine Binondo (4th place)

Keliana Gonzalez (5th place)

Abigail Gallon (6th place)

Lauren Valencia (8th place)

Autumn Ly (9th place)

Novice 8 and Under:

Ballesteros, Darla (8th place)


LMA athletes make Top 3 to advance to final phase for National Team Selection

January 17, 2018

LMA athletes, Megumi Field and Veronika Orlovska advance to the final phase of National Team Selection. Megumi ranked first place and Veronika 3rd place, in Phase 2 of the U.S. National Team Trials. Both were among only 33 athletes in the country that qualified to move on to the final phase of 13-15 U.S. National Team. Trials will be held in Lewisville, Texas, this year, on April 2018. Good luck to Megumi and Veronika!! LMA dominate!!

City of La Mirada honors our Athletes and Team

October 31, 2017

The City of La Mirada handed out certificates at the City Council meeting to honor our athletes and team. Certificates of Recognition were given to recognize our Team's success and efforts this past year. Thank you City of La Mirada City Council!!

U.S. National Team Athletes Return home with Medals from UANA!!

September 02, 2017

Aquabelles representing TEAM USA in Santiago, Chile, at the UANA Pan American Championships came home with medals competing against 30 plus countries.

Congratulations to:

Jade Low and Leeza Polyakova for winning the Silver Medal in the 13-15 Duet Category 

Megumi Field won Gold in the 11-12 Solo Category

Megumi Field and Sarine Cho, Gold, for 11-12 Duet

Nicole Chung, Sarine Cho and Megumi Field (members of 11-12 U.S. National Team) came home with the Silver medal in 11-12 Team Routine Division

Megumi Field was first place in the 11-12 Figures competition

Nicole Chung 5th place 

Sarine Cho 7th place

Jade Low was the top U.S. swimmer in the 13-15 Figures at 8th place. 

All girls were coached by U.S. National Team Coaches and who are also LMA coaches:

Olga Molotilova and Hiea-Yoon Kang

*Photo Courtesy of USA Synchro - Elizaveta Polyakova (left,) Victoria Zimm of Arizona (center), Jade Low (right)

Team USA wins Bronze Medal at the Comen Cup held in Portugal!!

August 13, 2017

Congratulations to the 13-15 U.S. National Team 1 for winning the Bronze Medal at Comen Cup held in Portugal this year. We have 3 Aquabelles which are members of this team. Congratulations to Abigail Kartzinel, Christina Wu and Noelle Song!! 

*Photo courtesy of USA Synchro

LMA's astonishing win at Junior Olympics 2017

July 04, 2017

The La Mirada Aquabelles collected medals at the podium, with win after win, at  Junior Olympics 2017. This meet is the largest competition for synchronized swimming in North America. Congratulations to the following athletes!!!:

11-12 Solo

Megumi Field - Gold Medal

11-12 Figures 

Megumi Field - Gold Medal

11-12 Duet

Sarine Cho and Megumi Field - Gold Medal

Calista Liu and Nicole Chung - Bronze Medal

11-12 Team 

Sarine Cho, Megumi Field, Calista Liu, Nicole Chung and Ayanna Thompson (alternate) - Gold Medal (with only 4 athletes swimming the team routine!)

13-15 Solos

Nicole Meza - Gold Medal

Veronika Orlovska - Silver Medal

13-15  Figures 

Nicole Meza - Gold Medal

Veronika Orlovska - Silver Medal

Jade Low - Bronze Medal

13-15 Duet

Nicole Meza and Jade Low - Gold Medal

2017 Swiss Open

June 14, 2017

Aquabelle swimmer, Aivan Nguyen, is a member of the 2017 USA Junior National Team. She will be leaving with her other Team USA teammates for Zurich, Switzerland from June 30-July 2, 2017. She will represent the USA at the Swiss Open. We wish Team USA the best of luck!! 

UPDATE: U.S. Junior National Team wins a Silver Medal at the Swiss Open!! Congratulations, Aivan and Team USA!!!

*Photo Courtesy of USA Synchro

Another Aquabelle Coach named 13-15 USA National Team Coach

June 04, 2017

Coach Olga Molotilova has been appointed as 13-15 USA National Team 2 Coach. She will be coaching our very own Aquabelle, Jade Low and Elizaveta Polyakova, who is from Seattle Synchro, to represent USA in the duet category at UANA. USA National Team 2 will be competing in Santiago, Chile in August 2017. Congratulations, Coach Olga!!!

LMA Head Coach named 11-12 USA National Team Head Coach

May 10, 2017

LMA Head Coach, Hiea-Yoon Kang, named 11-12 USA National Team Head Coach. Coach Kang is no stranger to being a National Team Head Coach. She has been appointed this position several times in the past for different Age Groups resulting with the U.S. bringing home medals from International competitions. This year, Coach Kang will be leading the 11-12 National Team at UANA to be held in Santiago, Chile. 4 of the 10 members of the 11-12 U.S. National Team are from the La Mirada Aquabelles. 

U.S. Nationals 2017 in Arizona

April 22, 2017

Our 13-15 and Junior Age Groupers qualified to compete at U.S. Nationals held in Oro Valley, Arizona this year. They won the Silver medal in 13-15 Team, Silver medal for 13-15 Duet, Bronze medal for Junior Combo and 4th place for Junior Duet. Awesome work, Aquabelles!!!

9 LMA Athletes are named members of the USA National Team for 2017.

April 23, 2017

After rigorous National Team Trials with swimmers all over the country, 9 Aquabelles were chosen to be on the USA National Team!! We would like to congratulate:

11-12 U.S. National Team 

Megumi Field 

Ashlyn Oh 

Sarine Cho

Nicole Chung

13-15 U.S. National Team

Team 1

Abigail Kartzinel

Noelle Song 

Christina Wu

13- 15 U.S. National Team 2

Jade Low

U.S. Junior National Team

Aivan Nguyen

The 11-12's  and Team 2 members will be representing the U.S. competing at UANA in Santiago, Chile. While Team 1 will be competing at the Comen Cup in Portugal. U.S. Junior National Team will be competing in Zurich, Switzerland. 

Novices win Gold at Orange Blossom

March 22, 2017

Novices went to their very first meet at Orange Blossom. This event is held yearly at Riverside, CA. Our Novice team went home with the Gold Medal. Congratulations to Lauren, Clarise, Jojo, Erin, Keliana, Valerie, Autumn and Abby!! 

West Zones Championship Coach of the Year 2017

March 08, 2017

Congratulations to our Head Coach, Hiea-Yoon Kang, for receiving the award of Coach of the Year for West Zones Championships held in Oro Valley, Arizona. Coach Kang was nominated by her athletes and team parents for her hard work and dedication to the team!! We are so proud of you, Coach Kang!!

West Zones 2017 - Oro Valley, Arizona - LMA dominate High Point Awards for Figures!!

March 08, 2017

The Aquabelles clinched both the 13-15 Age Group and Junior Age Group High Point Award titles for the West Zones Championships held in Oro Valley, Arizona this past weekend. They also got medals/ribbons in all their entries to this competition. It is interesting to note that our 13-15 Team won this same award last year at West Zones 2016. The 13-15 Team and Junior/Senior Team swimmers qualify to move on to U.S. Nationals in April 2017. Congratulations to:

13-15 Duet - 2nd place (Abby Kartzinel & Nicole Meza)

Junior Duet - 3rd place (Claire Hyon & Aivan Nguyen)

13-15 Team - 2nd place (Jade Low, Christina Wu, Abby Kartzinel, Stefaniya Popova, Nicole Meza, Noelle Song, Veronika Orlovska)

Junior/Senior Combo - 2nd place (Claire Hyon, Aivan Nguyen, Subin Cho, Chloe Lee, Jade Low, Christina Wu, Abby Kartzinel, Stefaniya Popova, Nicole Meza, Noelle Song, Veronika Orlovska)

13-15 Solo - 6th place (Noelle Song)

Aquabelles Head Coach leads 13-15 USA National Team II to win GOLD at UANA in Puerto Rico!

September 07, 2016

13-15 USA National Team wins Gold at UANA in San Juan, Puerto Rico!! La Mirada Aquabelles Head Coach and 13-15 USA National Team 2 Head coach, Hiea-Yoon Kang, returns with the USA Athletes after winning 1st place in the 13-15 Team, 13-15 Duet and 13-15 Solo category. Congratulations, Coach Kang and to our USA Athletes!!! We also want to congratulate Aquabelle, Ashlyn Oh, for winning Gold in the 11-12 Team Category!!! 

July 24, 2016

The 13-15 US National Team got 4th place in the Comen Cup held in Israel this past weekend. Aquabelle swimmer, Aivan Nguyen, is a member of the 13-15 US National Team. She also had the highest figure scores among her US Teammates. This competition is considered one of the most prestigious competitions in the world for the 13-15 Age Group. They competed against 27 other countries which included Spain, Great Britain, Japan, Russia, Italy, France etc.

Click on the photo to take you to the USA Synchro Website article. Congratulations, Aivan!!!! Go LMA! Go USA!!!

2016 American Open Champions!!!

July 15, 2016

Subin Cho and Claire Hyon (alt. Arina Yu) are the Junior Duet Champions for the 2016 American Open held in Riverside, CA. They competed against local and International teams. In this same competition, 5 Olympic Duets (US, Spain, Argentina, Canada and Great Britain) also competed in the Senior Category.  A truly exciting event! Congratulations on winning the Gold Medal, Subin and Claire!!!!

Silver Medal at Junior Olympics 2016!!!!

June 29, 2016

Congratulations to our team!!! LMA 13-15 Team wins Silver Medal (2nd place) at Junior Olympics held in Long Island, New York. This meet was considered the largest synchronized swimming meet in the world. With about 1,000 participants representing their regions from all over the country, LMA ranked up there with the best of the best:

11-12 Solo - Nicole Meza (1st place)

11-12 Figures - Nicole Meza (1st place)

11-12 Duet - Sarine Cho and Ashlyn Oh (6th place)

13-15 Duet - Nicole Meza and Abigail Kartzinel (2nd place) 

13-15 Duet - Jade Low and Christina Wu (6th place)

13-15 Team - Veronika Orlovska, Chloe Lee, Ashlyn Oh, Jade Low, Abigail Kartzinel, Nicole Meza, Christina Wu (2nd place)

Intermediates receive medals on their 2nd Meet!!!!

June 05, 2016

Our Intermediate group just competed this past weekend for the San Diego Invitational. 11-12 Duet won 1st place. Trio - 1st place. Team - 1st place. The Intermediates rocked in Figures as well! Sarine - Ist place, Calista - 2nd, Ayanna - 3rd, and Emily - 8th place. Congratulations to our Intermediates on their 2nd competition!!!!

Intermediates win at Synchro De Mayo!!!

May 07, 2016

Our Intermediate Group took home some medals at Synchro De Mayo held in San Fernando. This is our Intermediate Group's first routine meet. Team routine takes 1st place, Trio 3rd place, and Top Figure Award. Congratulations to Sarine Cho (Top Figure Award), Ayanna Thompson, Calista Liu, Emily Abitria and Coach Paige!!!

LMA Head Coach named the 2016 13-15 USA National Team Head Coach

April 27, 2016

Our very own Head Coach, Hiea-Yoon Kang, has been named 2016 13-15 USA National Team 2 Head Coach. This year, the 13-15 National Team 2 will be competing in San Juan, Puerto Rico for the UANA Pan American Synchronized Swimming Championships. It will be held around Aug 30-Sept 4, 2016. Your LMA family wishes you and your team all the best at UANA, Coach Kang!!!!!

LMA makes US National Team again!!!

April 11, 2016

For the past several years, LMA has always had athletes qualify for US National Team for different age groups. This year is no different. Ashlyn Oh qualified for 11-12 US National Team and Aivan Nguyen qualified for 13-15 US National Team. Congratulations, Ashlyn and Aivan!!!

LMA shines at US Nationals 2016 in Mesa, Arizona

April 08, 2016

Our entries at US Nationals stood at the podium to get their awards. 13-15 Duet, Aivan Nguyen and Abigail Kartzinel won the Silver Medal overall at the 2016 US Nationals. Our Junior Duet, Arina Yu and Claire Hyon alternate Subin Cho, ranked 5th place in the nation. Congratulations!!!

Aquabelles win High Point Award at West Zones Championship

March 13, 2016

After averaging the scores of all the 13-15 Athletes that participated, LMA has the highest points in figure scores in the 13-15 Age Group for West Zones. Congratulations to our 13-15 Team: Abigail Kartzinel, Aivan Nguyen, Chaerin Chloe Lee, Christina Wu, Jade Low, Nicole Meza, Veronika Orlovska and alt. Ashlyn Oh! In addition, the Aquabelles 13-15 Duet (Abigail Kartzinel and Aivan Nguyen) wins 3rd place. Junior Duet (Claire Hyon and Subin Cho alt. Arina Yu) wins 5th place. 13-15 Team won 3rd place Honorary. 

LMA athletes win at first meet of the season!

January 10, 2016

Our team ranked high in all the categories we entered at the  2016 SCA Figure Meet held in La  Mirada, CA. 

Novice (10 & under) - Emily Lolli-Abitria (2nd Place)

Novice (11-12) - Calista Liu (1st Place) , Ayanna Thompson (2nd Place)

11-12 Intermediate - Sarine Cho (1st Place)

11-12 Age Group - Ashlyn Oh (3rd Place)

13-15 Age Group - Aivan Nguyen (1st Place), Abigail Kartzinel (3rd Place), Jade Low (4th Place), Christina Wu (5th Place),       Chaerin Chloe Lee (6th Place)

Juniors - Arina Yu (1st Place), Claire Hyon (3rd Place), Subin Cho (5th Place)

Great start to the season! 


Southern California Association Awards MacKellar Scholarship Fund to 4 LMA swimmers!

October 10, 2015

The Southern California Association has awarded the Billie MacKellar Memorial Scholarship Fund to Claire Hyon for 2015. This award is given to the highest ranking synchronized swimmer in the association for the year. In previous years, this award was given to 3 other LMA swimmers. Isabella Park in 2012. Shiree Lee in 2013 and Rachel Hyon in 2014. 

Rachel Hyon goes to Stanford and Rachel Warren goes to Ohio State!!!

September 01, 2015

Our very own Rachel Hyon was accepted in Stanford this year and will be competing with their synchronized swim team. Stanford is home to 2 other LMA alumni. Isabella Park and Shiree Lee. 


Rachel Warren has also been accepted to Ohio State University and will be competing for them as well. Ohio State is home to 1 former LMA member, Shea Ramsay. 


Congratulations, Rachel and Rachel!!

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